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Our motto is ”We bring your ideas to life in metal” We at L&C METAL DESIGNS, would like to think of ourselves as your tool for creativity. We want to be able to design your project with you. It’s your idea, you will live with it and it is your identity, so why not help you develop from your ideas instead of ours. We only require artistic freedom to help your ideas come to life. Our intent is always to make our clients happy, if a client asks us to design something from our own ideas we will make it happen to the best of our creative efforts. A good design needs to be complemented by good craftsmanship, we emphasize quality because we want our credibility to be as, the best in our field.


A project in sulfur Oklahoma

This is a project for a very special client. It is a railing, but it is also a center piece for conversation. It is a result of our conversation during our meeting, they wanted something personal, a design that identified them. We decided to keep it down two very important interests, their ancestry and their own times. We focused on the five circles representing their five generations of Chickasaw Indian, and the grass which surrounds their life and their environment in the Oklahoma prairie.

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We would like to add a link to Hawk Powder Coating for their incredible work with us. These guys are very serious about the work they do, and have taken up some big challenges from us. They were the only powder coating company in our area that would do three colors on one piece.
Thank you Case and Jami, for a job well done. Design Mahota
First stage of the powder coating process: The gray color is the metal color after it has been sand blasted. The yellow color is the first pass tthough the baking process.

Design Mahota

Second stage of the powder coating process: Masking the areas to be left in yellow

Design Mahota

Third stage in the powder coating process: The green powder is applied in front and back, after masking all the yellow grain.

Design Mahota

Fourth stage of the poder coating process: Masking all that will remain green.

Design Mahota

Fifth stage in the powder coating process: Silver powder is applied to cover all the surface of the work, before the last coat.

Design Mahota

Sixth stage of the powder coating process: The final coat of powder is a UV protector clear coat.

Mahota Instalalled: Design Mahota

We at L&C Metal Designs are very grateful to this client, for trusting us with their private stories and their desire for a functional art piece that will become a part of their identity.
Thank you Margaret and Glen for the opportunity to collaborate in something so beautiful for your home.

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