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Interior designsInterior designs

We are not in the business of reselling what is already being sold in stores, we are a business of creativity and exploration. I would say that we are very much like an extension of your ideas, the shop for your ideas if we may. We help you design and create projects to match your identity. And because we are neither decorators nor home designers, we are free to work with your ideas and enhance your home with objects made of metal. We take advantage of the tremendous advances that has been made int he use of new finishing products for indoor and outdoor projects. We work with materials that are lasting and beautiful as well as affordable.

Steel Windows
For “JUST A TASTE” in Webb City Missouri

This was not only a great project that made our client happy, but for us a rewarding outcome. We were able to work closely with the owners and we made sure to do everything to fulfill their creative vision. There were challenges that we managed to take care of professionally and satisfactorily. We continue to learn that open and honest communication with the clients is the best policy for a pleasing outcome. We feel that our best publicity is our client’s publicity, we work very hard to build satisfaction in our clients and they will in turn pay us back with good recommendations.

The windows that we built for this establishment are some of the most exciting work that we have done in this area. It has not only enhanced the premise’s aesthetic look, but also has given the business district a glance at an outcome when using a little creativity in your business adventure. I hope that people can appreciate and support these kinds of business that invest as much in the quality of the establishment as they do in what they serve.

Grape Vine Under Fire

This was a wonderful little project that we feel very proud to have made. It is made of mild steel and powder coated. This sculpture not only enhances and finishes the wall furnace but adds to the visual support of something floating without an anchor. It adds also to the ambiance and purpose created for this room. Clients are giving a visual glimpse of the history from which the beauty and taste of the wine they enjoy was started.

Grape Vine Under Firev

The Fireplace

This project was for a client that wanted a metal sculpture to cover the entrance to his large fireplace. It was challenging because there were not provisions made for such a heavy object to be place in this environment. He needed the sculpture to be moved out of the way for firewood to be loaded in this large opening, logs up to 24” long and 10” in diameter. We designed a sculpture on hinges, which was counterweighted by the log basket and a 200lb side box to hold the sculpture free from the base. It was a marvel because the client could move the 250 pounds sculpture with one finger and load as much wood as he wanted to have a large fire behind the sculpture. The sculpture also served as the screen for the fireplace. We had a very happy and warm client afterword.

Kitchen Project

Steps in designing, building and installing a kitchen project: Each project is designed to the clients specifications, this includes working closely with them from the paper drawing to the finished computer print out, before we start the construction. It is important that our clients see a clear picture of their project, so that we can work the details before we start welding pieces together.

Outdor designs

Bridge for Heavy Metal House

We created this project in collaboration with Inside-Out Designs LLC It is always a trill to work for a client who understands the value and beauty of nature. We make an effort to recreate nature in metal, so that the metal trees, limbs and bushes Would blend nicely with the natural landscape. Inside-Out Designs does a marvelous job with stone, metal, wood and soil to create fabulous water features. We enjoyed partnering with them in this project, thank you guys for all the help.

Bridge for Heavy Metal House

Outdor Cooking

When you ask us to design an outdoor grill or an outdoor kitchen, we assume that you want something unique and original. It would be something that you already have in mind, something that says I want to cook in this, but, that also says this is me or this is us. We are here to help you complete your ideas and make them a reality. We would like an opportunity to work with you in developing and finishing something that you do not find in stores. We can build together your cooker, one that you can live with and use it for as long as you want.

Outdor Cooking


We build gates and fences from steel rather than wrought iron. Our steel designs are press formed and laser cut then welded together. We do not form by forge or hand pounded sheets, but we can imitate wrought iron by using square solid steel. Our gates are contemporary designs and can either be powder coated or ambient patinated by oxidation (rusted). We can offer a variety of themes and designs, but to custom make them from your ideas and specifications is our stronger desire. We would like to build a one of kind design that identify and individualize each of our clients, this is our good reason for building one project at the time.

Mail BoxesMail Boxes

We would like to offer you an alternative to show off the way you get your mail. There is less and less paper mail in our boxes lately, but we still need to identify ourselves with a mail box. So why not have one that would say I am an original and have a custom made mail box. Is like having a piece of art in front of your house. Let us make one for you, you will not be disappointed.


We believe that everyone is a collector of objects, from fine pieces of sculptures to valuable heirlooms, or maybe just a memorabilia or an object of desire. We at L&C Metal Designs want to offer a display pedestal for such valuable. Designed to enhance and give your precious objects a place to shine.

Decorative Screens Decorative Screens

A decorative screen can be use to hide away a sore eye around your house, from the public or neighbor’s view. There are many uses inside or outside for a decorative screen. We can build them from solid round steel or laser cut designs, they can be solid or see through, they can be incredibly detailed or as minimal as a contemporary painting. You do not have to deal with unsightly objects around your house anymore, screen it.

Fan Cover Screen

Sometimes you have something in store from which ideas come to mind to make it useful but, do not know where to start to make it happen. This was the case with this project. It is a small project but it is important to know that there are never too small or too big of a project that with a little imagination and creativity we can make it happen. The client had these commercially done flat screens, and needed a cover for a couple of exposed fans. We made something that worked and that also went well with the rest of their décor. When we surprise and make our clients happy, it makes us worthy and happy to do this business.

Fan Cover Screen

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